music video deephouse

The new video for the latest record La Serenata by Carla da Costa is out now!


Soul Percussive mixes the best live musicians with a DJ. This act is a unique collaboration, which consists of DJ Carla da Costa who runs the best beats over which the percussionist, saxophonist and a sultry singer play. This creates an interactive show where the audience can have a great time. They mix the best live music with both Brazilian, African and Latin rhythms. The singer, saxophonist and percussionist are batteling together.

Soul Percussive: May 29th, 17.15 at the fair Den Hout.

Radioshow dj carla da costa

Carla da Costa released her new radioshow for STROM:KRAFT radio. STROM:KRAFT releases a weekly exclusive Radio Show GIRL POWER MIX with Carla da Costa on May 21st.


STROM:KRAFT is claimed to be the most famous independent underground electronic music station in Europe!

Their main goal is to entertain their listners with a fine selection of high quality electronic music from DJ friends from all over the world 24 hours a day, in addition they present various live shows and live event streams on 3 Channels [Electronic / Techno / Live & Reeperbahn Live].



Carla will be performing on HISTÉRIA. HISTÉRIA stands for history of electronic music. Combinations of underground music of the past and the present, with the music styles Deephouse, Techhouse, Minimal and Techno.


Carla da Costa
Scoth van Zeijl

Location: Schaaf City Theater.
Date: 11 mei 2014
Price: 10 euro
Time: 19:00 till 00:30å
Genres: Deephouse, Techhouse, Minimal, Techno