Cdc laugh

She is dedicated to music; playing music, breaking tunes, entertaining the audience…..


Carla da Costa is originally from Portugal and was born into the Latin Groove; Her mother was Fado singer (Fadista) and her nanny, a radio DJ. At a young age she started tinkering with jingles recorded from the radio, as a result, she developed good sense of rhythm and timing. By constantly improving herself, combined with a love for playing the drums and a growing passion for music, Carla has become what she is today: a live performing DJ devoted to music.

After moving to the Netherlands, Carla became a Rotterdam based DJ, she played across the whole country as a live performing DJ, after that an international career quickly developed: Germany, Spain, Portugal, England and Brazil have all enjoyed the music of Carla. 

After Carla took time out to concentrate on producing music in the studio, she is now back to doing what she does best… creating a rich, unique sound that you don’t hear anywhere else! 

The best way to describe her music? Rhythmical… with a high degree of Latin influence, hot and sexy with a clear edge! 

Because Carla is always one step ahead, interacting with her audience and completely enjoying the music, each performance is a unique and special experience. 

Even now, Carla constantly develops in her music, she’s always busy: mixing, remixing and producing. Carla da Costa moves fluently between House and Techno, loves deephouse and techhouse and has a heart for music and entertains the audience every time.